Centering BIPOC Organizations

Our Foundation is committed to prioritizing multi-year grants for organizations that are at the forefront of driving solutions within their communities. We firmly believe that, as individuals with privilege and resources, it is both our desire and responsibility to uplift marginalized communities. Unlike traditional philanthropic entities, we are able to operate with agility and responsiveness, free from the constraints of stakeholders or outside constituents.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that genuine change occurs when power is redistributed to the communities that need it most. We understand that traditional philanthropic systems can often become entangled in bureaucratic complexities, hindering progress. We place trust in those who are intimately connected to the issues at hand, recognizing that they possess the knowledge and insight necessary to identify their most pressing needs. We do not seek to reinvent the wheel; instead, we value and respect the expertise and wisdom of community members.

Given the vast unmet needs within marginalized communities, we are dedicated to providing grants that foster immediate action. Our approach centers on addressing the pressing challenges faced by BIPOC communities, enabling organizations to implement solutions swiftly. By offering multi-year gifts, we establish a foundation for sustained progress, allowing organizations to focus on long-term transformation without the constant burden of seeking funding.

The Grousemont Foundation’s Centering BIPOC Organizations Grants program supports organizations that are closest to the issues they aim to address. We recognize that these organizations possess the knowledge, experience, and connections necessary to effect meaningful change. Through our grants, we aim to empower communities, foster resilience, and create a more equitable society for all.