Our Grants

The Grousemont Foundation practices relational philanthropy that is based in trust and community building. Our outreach is built on our study of communities in need—this agile agency supports efficient resolution of quickly applicable grants that are nimble, flexible, immediately relevant contributions. We look for community partners that know their challenges, and being in their communities, can effectively utilize our support to improve their situations.

The Grousemont Foundation no longer accepts unsolicited letters of interest, proposals, or grant applications. ​In order to honor over 20 years of broad community support of the Cascadia region, we have committed unrestricted grants to more than 40 non-profit organizations in Washington State.

Areas of Giving

Community Partner Grants
Climate & Environmental Justice Grants

Centering BIPOC Organizations Grants

Grousemont Civic Grants

Highlighted Grants

Black Future Co-op Fund

Black Future Co-op Fund (BFCF) is a pooled fund led by and for Washington’s Black community. Through networking and investing in Black communities across the state, BFCF empowers Black-led solutions that foster Black wealth, health, and well-being for generations. BFCF’s “We See You” grants have distributed funds to dozens of Black-led organizations meeting immediate needs. The Grousemont Foundation is proud to support BFCF’s areas of impact: connecting Black communities for collective power, promoting a truthful Black narrative, investing in Black generational prosperity, and shifting the paradigm of philanthropy.

$5 million—multi-year grant unrestricted

Community Passageways

The Grousemont Foundation is proud to partner with Community Passageways, a nationally-recognized nonprofit with a successful, evidence-based model for creating new pathways for youth at risk of entering the prison system. Community Passageways creates alternatives to incarceration for youth and young adults by rebuilding communities through committed relationships centered on love, compassion, and consistency. They support youth and young adults at every stage of the criminal legal process—from prevention to detention. This is designed to replace the school-to-prison pipeline with an improved school-to-life success pipeline.

$1 million—multi-year grant unrestricted

Native Americans in Philanthropy

The Grousemont Foundation has joined 15 leading climate funders to participate in the Tribal Nations Conservation Pledge. The Tribal Nations Conservation Pledge demonstrates an important commitment to a new way of thinking about conservation that centers the people who are most impacted by climate and biodiversity crises but also hold the knowledge on how to best steward our lands and water. This Pledge represents a shift in climate funding by recognizing and supporting Native communities who have long been leaders in this work. The Tribal Nations Conservation Pledge will be critical in ensuring that the U.S. meets the minimum goals of the 30 x 30 Initiative, a global effort to conserve 30% of the terrestrial and marine habitat by 2030. Tribal-led conservation methods are already focused on protecting and preserving biodiversity, and the pledge will help accelerate progress towards the global goal over the next seven years.

$500,000 – one year grant unrestricted